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Why E-Drive coreless motor

Efficient design

1. E-Drive coreless motor commutators utilize a one-step injection molding process for   precious metal or graphite commutation.

2. Motor coils are made by our own designed winding machine.

3. Each and every rotor is dynamically balanced.

4. Patent design of double-layer coil.


High quality raw material

E-Drive coreless motors use high performance Nd-Fe-B magnetic materials.

Long service life of motors

Motor service life depends on operating conditions.

Under recommended operating conditions, E-Drive motorsservice life of 1000-3000 Hours is achievable.


Production management

1.QMS certified by ISO 9000:2008.

2.Visual  management throughout the workshops.

3.100% quality inspection and run-in of end products.


Supportive sales

E-Drive System has established a sales network around the globe. Key partners in Perspective markets located in: North America, European Countries, Southeast Asia and China. Please contact our sales person to find an agent near you.

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